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Thinking of starting your own business?

A one-day workshop designed to answer many of the question and issues faced when people are in the early stages of thinking about a business idea or concept.

As with all of our programmes, the workshops that we deliver will continue to evolve to meet the needs of Ayrshire’s entrepreneurs, but will all cover many of the fundamental issues faced when planning to start a business.

The current workshops will include:

  • Founders Dilemma
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Business Structures
  • Why Businesses Fail?
  • Basic IP Principles
  • Sources of Funding

We can help grow your business

The West Coast Accelerator (WCA) has three distinct programmes available to entrepreneurs across the spectrum of the growth curve. These programmes are delivered by a core team led by seasoned entrepreneurs and augmented by a curated portfolio of entrepreneurs and advisers offering insights into every aspect of growing business, from funding to internationalisation, intellectual property to manufacturing.

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