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A three to six month residential programme designed to take your existing business idea and build it into a credible, compelling proposition that can start to generate turnover and profit. The programme is dynamic, hence the time in residence varies. We help build your business at your pace, to suit your style and knowledge base. Email with a summary of your business idea to start the ball rolling on participation.


Phase one: 3 Months

  • Business Model Canvas Explained
  • Creating Customer Persona
  • Developing a Value Proposition
  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Founders Dilemma

Phase two: 3 Months

  • Using social / digital media
  • Sources of funding
  • Pitching – Telling your story
  • Beachhead Market
  • Basic finance for entrepreneurs

In addition we will hold regular networking / workshop events to further enhance your journey with us.

We can help grow your business

The West Coast Accelerator (WCA) has three distinct programmes available to entrepreneurs across the spectrum of the growth curve. These programmes are delivered by a core team led by seasoned entrepreneurs and augmented by a curated portfolio of entrepreneurs and advisers offering insights into every aspect of growing business, from funding to internationalisation, intellectual property to manufacturing.

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