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It can be costly and time-consuming to research and develop a new product or service. But there are many forms of financial help that aim to support companies as they innovate and generate new ideas. These schemes range from tax reliefs and credits to grants and vouchers. In the case studies, you can discover how companies have benefitted from this funding and support.

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Funding opportunities to help early-stage and small companies carry out science, engineering and technology research and development projects. Grants are available to assess potential markets, prove concepts and develop prototypes.

Growth Showcase is an invitation-only web platform that showcases high-growth SMEs to the investment community. It allows invited companies to manage their relationship with a potential investor in a confidential and regulated environment. The service is free and businesses can request to join on the website.

The SBRI offers opportunities for early-stage, small and medium-sized companies to develop and demonstrate technology to public bodies acting as the lead customer.

How to apply for tax credits when you are researching and developing a new business idea

Offers a reduced corporation tax rate for companies that exploit patented inventions

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support specialist Intellectual Property knowledge transfer from a first-time supplier

The EU has a substantial programme to support innovative SMEs. This support is provided via the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and other programmes.

Local Growth Hubs bring together public and private sector partners to promote, co-ordinate and deliver local business support and provide a mechanism for integrating national and local business support so it is easy for businesses to access

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The West Coast Accelerator (WCA) has three distinct programmes available to entrepreneurs across the spectrum of the growth curve. These programmes are delivered by a core team led by seasoned entrepreneurs and augmented by a curated portfolio of entrepreneurs and advisers offering insights into every aspect of growing business, from funding to internationalisation, intellectual property to manufacturing.

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